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All Track has a new device for valuable asset tracking, the PT-300. The battery...

Track your fleet with ALL TRACK's AV-300 or AV-400. Visit our web site at www.g...

ALL TRACK now offers GPS with RFID.
This technology adds unique Business Intelligence applications to Supply Chain and Logistics operations and can be customized to the company's needs.

With ALL TRACK's LGB, companies have continuous visibilty throughout their supply chain. With nearly $40 billion (US) in assets lost or stolen over the course of an average year, there is a pressing need for organizations to be able to track and secure their assets. In 2009, there were 869 reported cargo theft incidents, up 22.6% from 2007. LGB Certified Solutions are custom designed to address business concerns for mission critical assets - whether items are to be delivered, stored, or field deployed.
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TrailerSEAL for Mobile Assets

The TrailerSeal can be leased. Please see the options at the bottom. No Upfront Hardware Costs if leased, Minimum of a 1 Year Contract. Quantity Price Breaks vary greatly on Services when leasing option chosen, if available at all. Contact ALL TRACK for more information and a written Quote.
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PT-100 Pro with Magnetic Case

ALL TRACK’s PT-100 PRO - 60 Hour Battery Life. Phenomenal GPS Tracker With 60 Hour Battery! 10 Second Or Every 20' Position Updates! Our Best Selling PT-100 PRO Has Just Been Injected With A State-Of-The Art Lithium Polymer Battery System! Introducing the PT-100 Pro.
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ALL TRACK Provides Solutions for Bussafe. To learn more please click here.

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Preventing inventory loss by implementing the latest developments in GPS vehicle tracking Atlanta Georgia based ALLTRACK is a leader in fleet vehicle and remote asset management. If needing solutions relating to fleet management Georgia-area businesses and beyond can count on ALLTRACK to deliver highly effective asset tracking tools that are easy to use and cost-effective. Since 2000, more than 100 nationwide customers requiring AGPS and GPS fleet management assistance have turned to ALLTRACK for their GPS tracking needs. Depending on each company’s inventory management requirements, assets can be administered via satellite tracking using a unique web application or a customizable software program.

Vehicle Management and Tracking
Monitoring a company’s vehicle fleet allows employers to ensure work-related vehicles are being used properly and if ever lost, expedites the recovery process. In addition to employers, other companies where remote vehicle monitoring applications can be both a money and time-saving investment include:

- sub-prime vehicle lenders
- rental car agencies
- police and law enforcement agencies
- school bus companies
- heavy equipment leasing businesses
- air, water and recreational craft dealers

ALLTRACK’S proprietary software applications are scaleable for any sized business. Remote management provides peace of mind and allows owners to rest assured their vehicles are monitored continuously and data is reported with instant, real-time tracking updates.

An Industry Leader With ALLTRACK’s numerous years of experience, they have seen many changes in GPS systems. They strive to stay abreast of the latest technologies in remote vehicle tracking and fleet management operations. This commitment to excellence ensures customers are receiving guidance and monitoring assistance from a dedicated industry expert. Customers can take advantage of the company’s GPS tracking proficiencies in the following areas:

- GPS fleet management, Georgia based businesses and beyond
- vehicle fleet tracking, Georgia area businesses and beyond
- satellite tracking solutions, perfect for fleet vehicles and long-distance carriers
- auto theft recovery solutions, ideal for lenders and vehicle retailers

Quality Management Solutions ALLTRACK is not only dedicated to being the industry leader when it comes to managing vehicles, but their expanded resources and technologically-proficient support teams allow them to track other fixed and mobile assets including, but not limited to, bank bags and ATM’s, construction security devices, child tracking devices, executive tracking devices, health care and senior citizen tracking devices, package tracking devices, teen tracking devices, tractor tracking devices, GPS RFID, mobile phones, trailers and portable satellite tracking devices, RFID Tags and more!

Allow ALLTRACK’S knowledgeable and tech-savvy associates to show your business how an AGPS or GPS tracker can provide continuous, remote asset management. Call them today at 1-888-796-4566 or email sales@gpsmerchansider.com for a no-obligation consultation.

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